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The majority (ca. 90%) of the teaching staff involved in the postgraduate studies program (PSP) originates from the Faculty of the Department of Chemistry; the remaining are established researchers and academics from Greece and abroad, who participate in the program after invitation and are contributing colloquia on specific topics in the curriculum. For more details on the procedures for the selection of teaching staff in the program see FEK B' 3761 / 3-9-2018 and 4485/2017.

Members of the Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, NKUA

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Department of Chemistry, Zografou 157 84, Greece,

Christiana Mitsopoulou, Professor, Director


Andreas Danopoulos, Professor


Eleni Efthimiadou, Assoc. Professor


Panagiotis Kyritsis, Assoc. professor


Konstantinos Methenitis, Assoc. professor


Giannis Papafestathiou, Professor


Patrina Paraskevopoulou, Assoc. Professor


Nikolaos Tsoureas, Assistant Professor


Athanasios Philipopoulos, Assistant Professor


Athanassios Chrissanthopoulos, Assistant Professor


Nikolaos Psaroudakis, Assistant Professor


Maria Roulia, Laboratory Teaching Staff


Ioannis Fountis, Laboratory Technical Staff


Teaching in the PSP can be undertaken by the categories of individuals specified below, subject to issuing a justified decision of the Departmental Assembly of the Chemistry Department following relevant suggestion by the Σ.Ε. του Π.Μ.Σ:

  • Teaching staff in compliance with 407/1980 (Α' 112),
  • Esteemed and renowned scientists holding a Ph. D., being Ph.D candidates or having outstanding technical expertise; the above can be employed as academic scholars (fellows) subject to a decision by the Departmental Assembly and a relevant act by the Head of the Department. The fellows may have been assigned teaching or research duties as specified in a contract cosigned by the fellow and the Rector of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA).
  • Faculty members from other Departments of NKUA or other Universities.
  • Researchers from research centers as defined under 13Α, ν. 4310/2014, members of the Academy of Athens and the Medical and Biological Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens.
  • Visiting esteemed and renowned scientists from Greece or abroad holding a professorial post or equivalent qualifications or visiting researchers from a research foundation or visiting artists or visiting scientists of recognized esteem with specialized knowledge or expertise relevant to the topic of PMS.
  • Visiting postdoctoral researchers of greek or international origin, visiting new scientist holders of a Ph. D. (παρ.7, άρ. 16, ν. 4009/2011) or awarded contracts or new appointments with NKUA in accord with the above (paragraph 1, 2, 5 και 6, αρ. 36, ν. 4485/2017).


Nicholas Leventis, Curators' Distinguished Professor of Chemistry. Missouri University of Science & Technology; Director of Research, Aspen Aerogels, USA (https://scholar.google.com).

Katerina Vassilatou, Chemist, MSc, founder of “The NucLab” (https://thenuclab.com/)

Nikolaos Tsoureas, Chemist, Senior Research Assistant, University of Sussex, United Kingdom